I am happy to announce that my third book is now available to download from Amazon! I am really excited about this one! This is a new series and a departure from Dream Walking into the world of Japanese Mythology and urban fantasy. To celebrate, I am going to make it free to download starting Saturday, May 6th - Monday May 8th.

I am also entering a contest with Amazon for new writers, so I just ask that if you enjoy reading it, that you post a review to amazon by the end of the month. Thanks again and have a great Friday!

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Luke hears voices. Sometimes they are in his head, and sometimes they are all around him. Aside from that, life is fairly normal for the recent high school graduate. That is until his family goes on vacation to San Francisco.

While shopping for souvenirs in Chinatown, Luke discovers that the voices he’s tried to ignore all his life belong to the unseen: spirits, angels and mythological creatures. One in particular, a kasa-obake or “umbrella ghost” named Chan, warns him that his sister has been marked to die in the coming days.

In an effort to save her life, Luke has to learn to navigate the world of the unseen, fight off Japanese oni and tengu demons, and somehow save not only his sister, but his mother as well. Fortunately, he isn’t defenseless. He has a pink paper umbrella.

The Yosei 

The Yosei is now available on Amazon.  Click here to buy it!

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