Daniel Nanto is the author of a new series called the Dream Walker Novels. He was born in Murray, Utah, and has lived in several different states over his forty some odd years, including Utah, Colorado, Maryland, Tennessee, and Quebec.  He spent his teenage years driving like a crazy fiend on the back streets of Gaithersburg, Maryland, and doing his best to kill himself out of sheer stupidity.  Fortunately, he survived those years.

He now works at Vanderbilt University Medical Center as the Director of Application Development and Integration for their non-clinical applications.  In his free time, he enjoys teaching religious classes to high school and college age students, and reading urban fiction.

Daniel is married to an amazing woman and has four beautiful children. His latest hobby is writing novels.  LuckSon II - The Nightmare, is the latest book in the Dream Walker series with many more hopefully to come in the future.

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Daniel A Nanto

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